OZDiver Magazine is a free Quarterly online magazine that will cater for the whole scuba diving community all over the world and focus on the Australian diving community.
As scuba divers are adventure seekers, we will cover all the relevant topics in each magazine, such as exciting diving news, scuba happenings, medical topics, technical diving, wreck diving, local as well as international dive travel plus reviews for scuba divers on the latest scuba diving equipment, books, gadgets and much more.

July - September 2022 Edition

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About OZDiver Magazine

OZDiver Magazine is the gateway for the Australian diving community where the magazine will take you all over the world with a click of a button.

 This interactive magazine is dedicated to all things scuba related and will keep divers up to date with the latest scuba diving news.

The Editor and Publisher has more than 18 years experience in the scuba diving industry as a technical course director and more than a decade editing and publishing of dive magazines, books and dive apps.

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